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Rune Sword 2 is a free indie RPG that offers an experience closer to traditional tabletop role-playing games than to what most players are used to.

In fact, although Rune Sword 2 includes a series of game modules (called tomes), it also includes a module generator in the installer so you can create your own campaigns, which can be as fun as playing an adventure.

The gameplay in Rune Sword 2 is very similar to a tabletop RPG. This means that battles happen in turns, you have to throw dice, characters can use their powers at any time, you can talk with lots of NPCs, etc.

In some sense, playing Rune Sword 2 is like playing a pen-and-paper RPG where the game master is the computer, since that's what controls the dice as well as all the events that aren't controlled by your own characters.

You can create the characters from scratch, choosing their skills, abilities, and looks. Their appearance is represented by scanned real miniatures.

Rune Sword 2 is a really unique RPG offering the closest experience to tabletop role that you can find on a computer.
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